Makara The Furry Two-face by NoelTheChristmasCat

Makara The Furry Two-face


23 November 2014 at 23:19:44 MST

No, Seriously! I didn't push it all that much when I started, but this guy really is like taking two face and were-wolf-i-fying him. Makara is the leader of the most well known group of rebels that exist in Law of Kanya, a lot of whom are Skota, his own people. A group hiding in a dense southern forest and striking at the villain when opportune moments arrive. At the start of the story, however, things aren't taking the best turn for them. Kelly gets caught up in a huge fight that results in most of the rebels being left homeless and powerless. Makara gets one extra insult to injury and is burned down one side, which takes a pretty huge toll on him. Of course he has a bit of a split personality thing going on as a result, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it wasn't a factor already there long before the scars.

This is another character whose design I thought up really early into producing these, as far back as 2008 I'd say! I've really wanted to come up with my own Native American inspired werewolf for a long time, and with the split personality thing I got to push him as both a fearless, noble leader very strongly connected to his peopels well-being, and a bloodthirsty, careless psycopath when the other personality takes over. It's a fun mix to work with!

So glad there's a PG equivalent rating on this site! It's a scar, not exactly bloody but still enough to earn a bit of consent!

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