Night of the Christmas Cats! by NoelTheChristmasCat

Night of the Christmas Cats!


24 December 2017 at 23:40:29 MST

This is actually last years Christmas pic! I would've uploaded it then but I already explained that in the latest Journal, again sorry my country has to be run by a bunch of dumb cu"SKELETON WARRIORS!"

=Original Description=

Now the first pic in 4kHD! ^^

Well guys, this was unexpectedly and definitely the big one this year on a more serious side of things. I don’t know why I chose to throw my all into this. it might’ve been the fact that theferbguy either unintentionally or unknowingly helped me out a lot this month with my crisis about Noel, and this is my way of saying thanks? Whatever the case, I spent almost the entirety of last night just throwing my all into it and trying to make it look as pretty and Christmasy as possible.

As for context other then just pretty imagery, Ferb wrote a lovely story to go along with it as part of the trade that you can read right here: I can definitely tell Noel and, hopefully by extention me, have had a pretty big impact on you. I’ll do my best to live up to it and keep that up for future Christmases coming.