PoundPuppiesRock Birthday Gift Art! by NoelTheChristmasCat

PoundPuppiesRock Birthday Gift Art!


5 January 2016 at 00:35:56 MST

Sorry Pounpuppy/Tony, slipped my mind to upload this here yesterday. I think it's still your birthday though, so double happy birthday!

"Hey Yony! Listen? Would you follow me over to the corner here a second? Now, don't turn around and especially pay no attention to the giant rug I've inconveniently placed in the corner of the room. I'm just doing a little pre holiday cleaning up! and..." fella Gift (Party)

This is a little bit of gift art to tonyyorkiesilky1991 tonyyorkiesilky1991 He wanted me to draw his OC Tony with Noel, and I kinda filled in the rest. This is a definite metaphor: I am perhaps a little too generous for my own good, so I doubt this’ll be the last thing I send your way, pound. =P

Glad I got my toon form worked out a while back. Let’s say the white hasn’t quite worn off from Christmas time yet. My toon form might need a polish cause sadly, I’ve never been able to draw WB style that well. So sorry I couldn’t meet your expectations, if you expected me to tiny-toon both characters. I’d be more then happy to try another time though? Any chance to improve.

I also may have goofed a little, since I didn’t ask if the character shared the same birthday as him. I’m so used to people’s OC’s being their persona’s, and auto-piloted. Won’t be a mistake I make again, so either way, Happy Birthday Poundpuppies! It might be early, but I hope you have a good day out!