My Heart of Fire Can't Wait Until Night! by NoelTheChristmasCat

My Heart of Fire Can't Wait Until Night!


29 October 2015 at 12:10:24 MDT

"I must destroy dracula at any cost! Nothing you can say will stop me! TIME TO DIE!"

It's for nostalgia's sake, but I think this year my costume was a given! I've decided to don the mantle of probably my favorite charater in all of Castlevania, and possibly the most badass by my standards too! It would've been nice to have reached his game by the time I did this, so those newcomers have some context. But either way, I consider Aria of Sorrow to have a pretty damn good story and I won't spoil who exactly he is if you don't know it. He's a little forgetful anyway, and minute details like, oh idk... a name!... happen to slip by him! So just call him "J". Obviously if you go digging more then that, big spoilers endure.
But nothing good comes without a tagalong, so for halloween this year, I also gotta live up to the vamp hunting business and face the colorful (and at times, controller breaking annurism enducing annoying!) beasts that inhabit the devil castle. In the realm of castlevania, revenge is a dish best served with an elemental flame whip of pettiness right to the kicker!

Happy halloween 2015 to everybody, and a special thanks to anybody whose been along for the tough Castlevania ride with me so far! Hope the hallows eve is a funtime for you all again!

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