Request - Fuzzy Clowning Around by NoelTheChristmasCat

Request - Fuzzy Clowning Around


7 August 2015 at 21:17:46 MDT

Don't think he has a DA page, but this was for
Dlbag Here
And diapy Diapy here.
Sometimes the crowd I attract surprises me a lot, probably not for the reasons you're thinking of either!

Say hi to the last request I might ever do. I actually finished this about 2 weeks ago and gave it to the guy, I just haven’t got it up on these sites yet. And yeah, definitely not the worst thing to end on, but this is the pic that made me hang up everything but my work. I want to make it very clear none of that is on the part of the requester! He was actually a very nice, very patient, very appreciative guy! Also wasn’t on the subject matter! This actually isn’t something I mind too much, or the first time I’ve drawn this sorta thing… blushes, runs to a corner

All the same, I did feel like I was burning out on this, and I just plain didn’t put as much effort into this as I would’ve liked, or have done in the past. So I put that journal up a few days later and called it. So far, glad I did. Glad he liked the turnout in the end, at least.

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    Pretty cool and cute! I like the way how Jeffrey panther painting my face, it tickles a little. As for Winker, he looks pleased with his clowney face. I hope we entertain our friends on show.
    Thanks for the request, that was absolutely great! And I love your drawings, pretty or very beautiful!