Tattoo by NoctisIgnem



14 January 2013 at 18:56:13 MST

Designed this as a tattoo idea after I'd finally learned to accept myself for whom I was.

The Delta/Theta symbol symbolises the two parts in me, fused together to create a single entity.

This symbol is also used as the symbol for Therianthropy, and it consist of Theta and Delta.

Theta stands for death, the soul and Delta stands for change, which I interpret as the souls inside me who changed me (for the better), they stand for the circle of live, ever changing but with a certain death, and this is something which I've accepted and embraced, making me stronger in life.

One might notice that the dash of the Theta is different, this is because I replaced it with a Wolfsangel ("wolf's hook").

The wolf's hook is an old symbol, and even though it's been used for darker things it is primarily associated with catching wolves, representing for me how my soul caught a wolf's one, connecting them as one.

Expanding on this, the wolfsangel also contains the rune "Eihwaz", which stands for the yew tree, which in turn represents the axis or process of spiritual becoming, upper and lower worlds meeting in Midgard (earth), rune of the mysteries of life and death.

For me this again represents the connection between souls, learning that dying is not the end but just a part of the journey, and making most of life because of this.

The runes are written in old Norse using the Elder Futhark, saying "Ülfer andi er eigi einhamr", which literally translated means "Wolf soul is not of our own skin" but truly means "(He/she) I who has the wolf's soul may look human but in reality (He/she) I am not really the same".

This is because even though I look like any other human, inside I'm not quite as human as they might think, having a wolf's soul in my human body.

For me these things mean a lot, and this is a constant reminder for that.

Planning on getting it in a few months.

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