Cassandra Hemingsworth Revamp (OC) by NoContext (critique requested)

Cassandra Hemingsworth Revamp (OC) (critique requested)


17 July 2017 at 21:47:08 MDT

A year ago (coincidentally) I uploaded an art of one of my characters in her then-to date design. Now her colors are much more cohesive and her genetics make more sense. I had wanted her to look more like her mom and her twin Theo take after their dad more-his art will be coming later. Also her outfit is less strange. No more random shorts with ankle boots for this gal! Also I was going to give her purple streaks in her hair, but forgot until I was too far into the shading; I think I like her hair better without the purple, anyway.

Personality-wise, she's more extroverted.

As far as the piece goes, I'm super proud of it, especially the eyes. I think I've figured out shading and coloring processes and such that work (even if it takes a bit more time) and I think I'll be doing the lighter lines-which came from a happy wing-it moment-more often in my arts. I also think I'm doing better on light source and color theory stuff?

tl;dr- Cassie's looking a lot more cohesive and genetically accurate and I really like how I arted this one.

Yo, if you've read and/or skimmed down to this point, a critique would be greatly appreciated!

Cassandra Hemingsworth (c) Me, NoContext

Made with Manga Studio 5 and a Huion tablet.

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    Hey!! Cassandra's really cute and this art style is very eye-catching. Good Job!