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Furlandia 2017 Recap

on 1 June 2017 at 11:10:53 MDT

Furlandia "1929: Age of Prosperity" was incredibly busy for me this year! Thank you to all who were there for me! I actually had a lot of fun despite personal obstacles.

This year I was boothing in Artists Alley alone. Unfortunately, both myself and my partner, Silver, are injured. I am suffering from tears around my patella and meniscus of both legs, which make it extremely difficult most days to walk or carry anything. Silver, who usually takes care of me and handles the finances of my booth, was in the hospital after being severely injured from a hit and run. So, I powered through the weekend, because I wanted to ensure that I was able to raise funds to support him, as he has done for me all these years. (If you were not able to stop by my booth this year, you can still help Silver with his medical and living expenses through the gofundme his sister set up for him:

Despite my physical difficulties, I was lucky enough to meet some badger dragons, of Weasels on Easels. They helped me all weekend, from carrying my gridwall to and from my booth, to ensuring I had a safe hotel stay. I do not think I would have managed without their kindness and generosity! Be sure to check out or visit with them next year when you swing by to see me at Furlandia 2018, eh?

I also want to thank everyone who came by my booth this year, even if you just stopped to wave or say hi. The artists Golden Druid and Kacey offered me advice and gave me food for thought. By name, I especially want to thank those who purchased my art and aided my fundraising cause: Trentina, Drujen, Hermes, Zavian, Euerograss, Redtechnocat, Zlatohrbitek, Tserisa, Caphrion, Kayla, Rachel, Jade, Mattie, Sara, Chase, Simon, Michael, Brent, Novus, Payle, Harper, Brenden, and a small child! This weekend was a success due to your support.

Artists Alley kept me busy most days from 9am to 5pm. Outside of that, I was able to spend a bit of time with Atso, Zavian, Puppet, Alkin, and Kitty, which was amazing. With them I was able to play some board games, attempt to dance, and do a bit of a sketchjam. I also had time over the weekend to chat a bit with Saph, Rotty, Queenie, Hermes, Drujen, Lumio, and Backlash, for which I was grateful, as well. I hope that in the future I can make more time to spend with friends at Furlandia, because a year apart from those I admire is too long!

Next year will be Furlandia "1957: Poodle Skirts and Duck Tails", which should prove wildly exciting to everyone who loves oxford saddle shoes, flaring skirts, and leather jackets!!! If you have been putting off a trip to check out Furlandia, then I highly suggest you make 2018 your taste of what Portland, Oregon has to offer the wider furry community. ♡

Thank you, again, and I hope to see everyone, and more, at my booth next year!

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