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28 January 2014 at 14:53:21 MST

WOW I havent really made any vent art at least over 87 years!
I admit that I am a total waste of space, shitty douchebag who would just like to be normal, and by normal I mean by the standards modern society has spesified.
It makes me laugh when people who have loving families that let them live under their roof until they have enough money to properly move into their own home, knew what to do with their life and what job they want to be in rest of their lives when they were 13-16yrs old, people who have very high education and lots of money, travel to far away lands like ten times a year with bunch of friends and people who have happy normal monogamus relationships complain that they have "failed at life".

Yeah I'm a bitter old piece of shit who can't do anything with his life.

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    i know how that feels urgh

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    You're not alone.

    Also, who wants to be normal by society's standards? Seriously, the majority of people are uninformed about the world (and in general) and seem happy to stay that way.

    Plus, normal is boring. But i live in Portland, so i'm a bit biased.

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    The first world trains people to be vocal about their problems when they have few, and to shut up about those that actually matter. At least up here in Finland, the statistics regarding inability to deal with ones' deeply rooted issues in a society that focuses on very minor issues while pretending to be both open and gutsy about things, tell their own story.