You think this hunk of junk works? by NK

You think this hunk of junk works?


4 February 2014 at 06:24:18 MST

My art-trade with roboshark of his lovely characters Rafe and Alex ♥. Apparently they found a old camera and gonna do some stunts those wacky kids Or wonder how long that old technology will last. This is what I used to glitch up the picture.

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    this is really cute, dfsdfsdf

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      thank you uvu <3

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    EEEE I LOVE THIS AWW THEY ARE SO CUTE IN YOUR STYLE <3 The glitch effect is awesome! And I LOVE the concept, it's such a fun idea, the two of them finding an old camera and fiddling with it - it's so awesome that you came up with something that would fit their world and story ;_; THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE IT AAAH <333 I am working on your half soon as I can!

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      Aaaah! I just hoped it would fit! [ I mean from what you wrote in the submissions I tried to piece it up] ;w;! I'm glad you like it aahh q//w//q No rush either I just wanted to finish so I didn't forget haha

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        It's perfeeect aaah thank you! I actually took a personal day today from work and just finished her cx

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          ohmygosh ;//u//;