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Gefunden: Episode 2 by Nitrogoblin

Gefunden: Episode 2


The Steampunk Kingdom of Gefunden, a grand domain residing far within the skies. Many unsuspecting Gefundi are forced into a path none of which had planned to trek. Through many struggles, hardships and grief - Our eventual heroes will become the people their meant to be, so that they can band together to set the dragons free, fight the forces of the Undercity, and defeat their Queen. Only then will they discover the truth about Gefunden...

Series Written and Created by:

Comic Art by:
Matt Wilson

Art in Credits by:

Clawdia - Anjidu/Anna Kingsly
PJ, Mrs. Aries, & Fayore - Venus.Unicorn / Mikell Dover
Alterone and Volcanica (Hooker) - Skytric/ Gabriel Hinton
Lyret - Holly Lindin
Sheila - Nitrogoblin / Brandi Stone
Atila & customer - Ryan Reid
Sobek - Matthew Kremkow
Cece & Jazz - Spark-Dragon
Quillanah - Lucy Rodriguez
Vincent - DesertSamuraiJD

Programs used:
SonyVegas Pro 14.0
Manga Studios
MS Paint

Intro theme "MetalHeader" by: Jason Lord "HeySuezo"
Written by: Nitrogoblin
Sung by: Mikell Dover and Anna Kingsley

Club song "Wounded heart" by: "Skytric"
Written by: Nitrogoblin
Sung by: Mikell Dover and Skytric (Back-up vocals)

Original Soundtrack by :

Sound bites from:

Additional songs by: (must credit in video description)

Special thanks to our Team and our fans!

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WARNING! This series belongs/Copy-written to NitroGoblin. Do not Redistribute, steal, or use in anyway. If you wish to make fan-art or parody it, you may do so but ONLY if you do not use the source content and create your own art/visuals to go with it.