SATGH: Gefunden - Cover 1 by Nitrogoblin

SATGH: Gefunden - Cover 1


11 November 2020 at 17:11:40 MST

Yes, these poses may look familiar, and it's intentional...

I'd like to present a secret side project I've had in the works. A special gift for those of you who preferred the 'Sonic the hedgehog and the Gearhead' series more than my original Gefunden series. Here is a special alternate universe that is it's own separate continuity of Gefunden. No, I'm still not doing fan projects, but this series is a revival of the SATGH story, remastered with a completely original cast and modified story that will tickle your nostalgia if you liked the original. I can't promise quick updates with this, but I will try to update whenever I can. It is now a running series of mine!

It can also be found over on my FA, Webtoons and Smackjjeves.

Anyways details and link are below, do enjoy.

Gefunden: (story)

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An alternate universe Parody mini-series that was repurposed from my old retired 2008 SATGH fan story that originally had spawned my Gefunden series. SATGH (Some Alternate Timeline Gone Haywire) is a separate continuity, taking place in a more futuristic society threatened by the evil genius mastermind, Dr. Archie Freid, while in turn protected by the heroic hero Lync and his allies. However, a neutral party is the central focus is this story, only with them can the world be saved.

Illustration and Story: NitroGoblin

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