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Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur,

Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purr...

Just your average Servalish Furry / Catgirl that enjoys a nice relaxing evening with friends nibbling sashimi while shooting zombies in the face.

When I'm not busy trying to save the world from the zombie horde, I can often be found drawing (love my tablet!) or sewing.

Let me sing you the song of my people!

"Cat, I'm a Kitty Cat, and I Dance Dance Dance, and I Dance Dance Dance. Cat, I'm a Kitty Cat and I Meow Meow Meow and I Meow Meow Meow."


Ask! =P

Latest Journal

VancouFUR 2014 Meme

(Stolen from Omi) :P

The main hotel, Burnaby Executive Inn

I'll be at the hotel from Thursday afternoon until Monday afternoon.

Means of transportation
Car! VaroomVaroom!

Sharing a room with
My Imp, Dorn, Matoakit and his sister. :D

Who do you hang out with?
Usually found with my friends, but don't be afraid to come up and say hi.

I has the bewbies


Relationship Status
Happy :D

How old are you?

How tall are you?
Short! >:C

Are you an Artist?
Yus! I have a bunch of items in the Art Show.

Do you have an artist table?
Yus... I'll be at table #2 in the Dealers Den.

Do you take commissions?

Do you do trades?
All depends on who it's with. I've been burned in the past. :( sniffles

Are you a Fursuiter?
Yes indeedy. Look for the super cute "Sammi" and you'll find me.

Attending parties?
Maybe? All depends on what's going on.

Do you drink?
Hell yes. Craft beer me and you'll have the happiest Serval EVER! P.S. ... Hpnotiq and Crown Royal Maple also work. Mmmm

Can I buy you a drink?
Of course. :O

Do you smoke?

Are you attending any panels?
All depends on what's scheduled after the Dealers Den is closed.

Stage or public performance?
I'm sure I could try singing, but nobody would stay in the room. D:

How do I identify my self to you?
Just walk up and say hello! You may have to remind me of when/where we met goes pink I don't always have the best memory when I'm concentrating on art stuff.

Rules of engagement (physical contact)?
Hugs are fine! Anything beyond that belongs to someone else. :P

How can I find you?
Twitter @Nirokia is probably the fastest way to get my attention if you're not sure where I'm at.

Can I talk to you?
Yes please!

Can I give you lots of money?
Sure! Be warned that you'll end up with goodies from my table in the Dealers Den if you do such.

Can I give you stuff?
Please see the alcohol question way up at the top of this Meme. grins ... but in all seriousness sure, I'd love to get a surprise or two.

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Hugs from friends are always welcome, hugs in suit are also welcomed and encouraged.

Can I come to dinner with you?
Sure, not sure where we are going but the more the merrier.

Can I hang out with you?
I don't see why not, but be warned, I do tend to get distracted easily when I'm with my friends...or if something shiny goes past. :3

Can I take your picture?
In suit sure? poses

How do I know if you're not looking to socialize (angry, busy or upset)?
Generally the only time I'm not super social is when it's sleepy time. ZzzZZZzzz

Personality Type?
Friendly, Cheeky, ... I talk a lot!

What's your goal for the con this year?
Have a super fantastic amazingly good time!

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