I am Death. by NinjaKato

I am Death.


3 August 2014 at 10:13:15 MDT

Boring picture is boring.
I mostly planned to have this be part of his reference sheet... but as I was streaming I just decided to muck about with things... and this came out. So... it's not the most interesting pose ever but again, it was originally intended for a reference sheet (which will be coming once I finish it heh...).
Forgive the sloppiness and overall random nonsense in this.
That said...

This is Bhaine. The bounty hunting Beauceron. (I like saying that... it sounds so chipper!)
This guy is not a nice guy… at all. Greedy, vicious, unforgiving, and horrible to everyone he meets… I like him.
He has too much pride for his own good but has the muscle and balls to back up everything he says. He’ll kill without much warning or care if need be but he’d sooner just make you piss yourself with endless ‘warning’ snaps.
He also rips out the canine teeth of those he kills or wins against in a fight and they adorn his collar. (How he manages to stick them through his collar, who knows... maybe his master does that for him?)

What a bastard… heh…

No one is quite sure why he 'glows' but... he does. Not radioactive kind of glowing but more like actual lights. Odd.

NOTE: His claws aren't red. They are covered in blood... lool.

Thanks to those who came to the stream for this <3

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