"Reeting URRRAAAAP!, Radjourned Rehehehe." by NineTheFoxaroo

"Reeting URRRAAAAP!, Radjourned Rehehehe."


21 December 2016 at 08:50:21 MST

Nine: And I woulda had a normal fan club meeting too if it wasn't for our pesky "surprise" guest
and our pathetically small snack table, Thanks Ralph, you'd think being part of a fan devoted
to a gluttonous dog we'd get a huge pile of snacks to fit the theme better, and really a Veggie
Tray? (Is smooshed up against one in the belly) Are we a bunch of old bats playing cards.

Ralph: How is this my fault when you were clearly helping other members into his maw?!?

Nine: As club president I am allowed to do such things, if you actually read our Code of Conduct
for once you'd know such things, also such VILE accusations on my character is Mutt-inony to
me and are grounds for devouring.

Ralph: You mean "Mutiny" right?

Nine: YOU DARE CORRECT MY PUN BOY!?!, pray you melt into dog pudge quickly or run fast once he releases us OR I WILL END YOU!

Scooby:Rery roisy, rut Reee-lioius. Licks his chops and rests up against the wall, reading-er kneading his relly- NO BELLY dammit (Darn Scooby Speak)

Scooby Doo is Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros

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    I like it. It's cutesy and awesome. Great job!