The Gang's All Here by nin

The Gang's All Here


19 November 2014 at 15:12:20 MST

more five nights at freddy's fanart hoorayyyyy

it was orignally just the bonnies for my friend but i got carried away and did all of them!! yep

i put the backgroundless version up on tumblr a couple days ago but i saved the bg version too so i guess i'll post it here fff

bb and puppet weren't invited >:(


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    Omg this is so good~!

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    That is one angry cupcake.

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    Haha I'm amused that only the non-furry ones failed to make it in. But let's not even kid ourselves, nobody likes them anyway. ;p

    Is new Chica wearing panties/shorts? Doe she wear those in-game? I still haven't played the second one, haha...

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    Uh oh...