scary robot pirate adventure by nin

scary robot pirate adventure


2 November 2014 at 13:23:06 MST

so my friend challenged me to draw Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's which I'm sure everyone knows by now so I did my best /sob/ i can't draw roboty creepy things so he ended up more cartoony and cute pffffff go figure

andddd i added the other three because WHY NOT!!

THEY’RE ALL going on a pirate adventure to find the lost treasure of Golden Freddy said to contain over 10,000 golden game tokens!! Unfortunately their buddy Mike doesn’t seem too interested in being recruited to the crew.

I can’t imagine why.

also i messed up where the cupcakes eyes are supposed to be and i was looking at a reference and everything fffff nice job nini

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    Was this submitted elsewhere? Or did you draw it a long time ago and then submit it here? I've seen it in other places, just wondering that's why.

    It's really cute though, I laughed when I first saw it.

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      Yep, I drew it a while ago and have submitted it to other places! I've been kind of inactive on Weasyl, so it took me till now to actually remember I hadn't uploaded it here, too!

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        OH OKAY! I just wasn't sure if you were aware it was elsewhere. No worries then. :)

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    I like the cupcake lol

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    Can't believe I never faved this here!

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    I genuinely love how much adorable fan art has come out of this game. Like, you give the Internet My Little Pony and they make fanfics about murder and cannibalism, and then you make a creepy horror game about off-brand Chuck E. Cheese 'bots coming to life and murdering the night guard and you get all these fluffy pictures of them being friendly and nice and junk.

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    Yeah... They want a first mate.

    ...a first mate FOREVEEERRRRR!!!

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    Oh, brilliant! This looks great. =3

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    Foxy's always cute! ;)

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    This is so amazingly funny XD