Morning Sun by Nimure

Morning Sun


28 February 2019 at 13:59:22 MST

Wow. I can't believe I finished this piece. What an incredibly journey it's been on with me.

This painting was originally started in late 2015 after I finished my first ever duck stamp contest (Michigan, 'Scaups in Fall'). It was a big jump in learning and technique from my scaups and I was super excited about what I had planned. I blocked in some rough colors for most of the duck, and then started detailing like crazy. Octcobertiger teased me relentlessly about this.

Unfortunately some life stuff came up the next year and this painting was mostly abandoned. I picked it up once the year my father died and redid the face with some paints a friend got me, and made the colors brighter, but otherwise didn't touch the painting at all.

Then this year. It was once again on my list of paintings to finish, but it was pretty far down the list. I got an email in Jan that the Uni I work for was doing an art gallery/exhibit and they'd be accepting entries from staff instead of just students. I realized my Tyr painting was probably not gallery material (unless it's a gallery of falconry art haha) and set it aside to finally, FINALLY, finish this wood duck.

In the years that passed both myself and my mentor (who critiques pretty much everything I do and I love her for it) decided the planned background would not work for this piece, so that was pretty much changed on the fly. This painting was finished a week and a half ago and submitted instantly to the gallery. I just got the email yesterday saying they had accepted it.

I'm pretty excited as people will be able to vote for their favorite works, and the top three will have prize $. If I could win, I'd be able to buy some much needed things for art (I try to keep all art expenses paid for via what I make from selling art). It would also be really cool to have a piece of artwork that placed first in well, anything!

Thanks to those of you who came along for this journey. It's been tons of fun having you with me. This painting would seriously not have happened if it weren't for my friends and followers helping to cheer me on. Deadlines were super tight and I really appreciate everyone's support and patience while I buckled down and got this one done! Thank you!

***NOTE: If this painting does not sell during the exhibit, it will be posted for sale once the exhibit is over. Giclée prints will also be offered for sale at the end of the exhibit.

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