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Leisure Time by Nimrais

Leisure Time


... with Krystal (seems my version of Krystal is into retro gaming and comics, hehee). A collaboration between kaji kaji and me. He did the background in Blender and I painted Krystal and edited the background in Photoshop. It's loosely the counterpart to Kaji's Starfox painting :) It's about time for a new Starfox game! :<

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    Looks really high tech, I like it.

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    This is an amazing piece, both parts of the contribution are excellent; I'm evening seeing a termination in the dust motes lit by light coming in through the window! She keeps her room spotless otherwise, apart from the comics maybe a few small odds and ends in background would make it feel like a lived in space. But really that's small matters.

    It would be a good time for a new game, if not SF then one where Krystal actually is the main character and not demoted to merely featured in.
    She has a good taste in comics also.

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    In all these years in the furry fandom this is probably the first Krystal I see who looks believable like an actual person with character and a CV. And without being part of porn.
    Thanks for restoring my faith. :D

    Additionally it's quite cool how well the 3D background and the 2D protagonist are working together. I didn't really notice before I read the description. Both you and Kaji did a very great job!

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    Whoa, this is fantastic! StarFox got me into the fandom three years ago, so it sure feels good to see Krystal in a SFW artwork (or masterpiece). Especially because I love "the background" of the StarFox team, as in what they're doing in the Great Fox when there are no missions... somehow I get the same feels from that deeper story from Assault. But screw the nostalgia attack. This is the best artwork I've seen this month. You and Kaji simply rock, so please keep being epic!

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    What a fascinatingly cool piece of artwork THIS turned out to be! <3