Keeper of Equilibrium by Nimrais

Keeper of Equilibrium


26 July 2014 at 19:10:31 MDT

I'm not dead yet. It's been a terribly busy year so far and this is only my second painting this year, haha! I hope to be able to get back into drawing more the next months. I did this partly in admiration of Pete Mohrbacher's artwork ( :)

Also: There will be a limited 40x60cm acrylic glass print of this illustration available at Eurofurence this year. See you there hopefully! :)

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    Completely epic! Absolutely Amazing! So many more nice things to say about this... Simply gorgeous!

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    It liiiiiives! Or.. "She lives". Great to hear from you again! I was a little bit worried you might have "left the fandom" like many great artists have done sooner or later. I'm glad these worries were clearly unfounded. ^^
    And amazing picture you are greeting us with. I'm curious how it will look in RL.

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    It's hard work balancing work and such with the things you'd rather be doing or want to do most. Good luck with the rest of the year, hope EF goes well for you too.

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    It looks fantastic. I'd rather go for fantastic pieces of art instead of more art which isn't so great.