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Straight ally flag with penguins by NimbusTheMix

Straight ally flag with penguins


27 June 2018 at 14:57:18 MDT

Pride month is about equality of sexuality, so why not make a pride flag? I chose penguins because they match the colors.

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    I didn’t know that was the straight flag! Cool!!

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    nice! just so ya know, I think that's the regular straight flag (which is okay!). the ally flag has edits.
    I don't really consider myself an "ally" but I am a very accepting straight and not judgy. It's sad how some straights get picked on by heterophobes, we should be proud too for keeping the species alive. good to accept everyone! ^-^
    I'm also a bit ace too since it can be pretty hard for me to fall in love back. ^w^;

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      Right! There was thius one person who commented saying "cute picture, but please tell me your kidding.."

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        Huh? Straight pride ain't a joke tbh.. :< It made me feel sad cos when I searched it up, 70% of the results was heterophobes poking fun of it and saying "oh we don't need straight parade, pride or straights themselves" but the truth is.. The heterophobes are stuck in the past times. Alot of straights are accepting now. I dunno why some peeps are picking on christians too.. Months ago, I did also make a straight pride pic but I keep forgetting to upload.. ^-^; Here's a pic I did with my fursona though! Sorry if I was rude or anything.. ^-^;