New Beginings by nikon

The werewolf laid in bed amongst their shredded sheets and tattered clothes. They thought to themselves, "What the eff just happened?" They had just endured the most painful and pleasurable thing to ever happen to them, and now they just lay there, covered in fur, staring at their paws and the nose at the end of their snout.

Their ears perked as a knock came at the door, ears rotating to the sound. "Now that was a new feeling I have never had before," they thought. They experimented moving their ears around focusing on various sounds, the computer in the corner, the dog yapping down the street, and the second set of knocks that came at the door.

"Are you okay in there Jamie? I heard... howling?" came a questioning voice though the door.

The werewolf, Jamie, got out of bed and looked around for something to cover up their brand new furred body. They replied, "I'm fine, it was just a horror movie on the TV." The lie may have passed if their voice hadn't changed in register from the sudden changes. They thought to themselves, at least I can still talk.

From behind the door, the roommate said, "I know what kind of TV you have in there, and there is no way that sound came from one. I'm coming in, and I better not find a dog in there. You know the complex doesn't allow pets."

In a panic, the newly transformed werewolf attempted to get to the door, only to trip on their new paws and end up snout first on the floor. "Ow..." they whimpered. Just then the door opened up. The roommate entered the room, to look upon a large furry creature, face first on the floor.

Time seemed to stop for a moment, as both parties assessed the situation. "Oh hell no," stated Jamie's roommate as they backed out of the room and closed the door.

Jamie scrambled to their feet, trying to catch the door before it closed. "Alex wait, I can explain!" They grabbed the doorknob and yanked, accidentally pulling the whole door off it's hinges. They looked at the door in their paw, dumbfounded by their sudden increase in strength. They carefully placed it against the wall.

Huddled in the hallway Jamie found Alex hugging their knees as they sat against a wall, crying. "Alex?" asked Jamie as they peeked out the doorway. They carefully walked over and sat next to their crying roommate.

"Why you?! Why did you get my hopes and dreams? I'm the weirdo furry, why wasn't it me?" Alex shouted at the wall of fur next to them. "How long, how long have you been keeping this from me?"

Jamie took a deep breath, and found they could smell the sweat, the fear and sadness coming from Jamie they wrapped a fuzzy arm around Alex. "Okay, I can't explain, but I'm sorry. This is all new to me too. I wasn't fuzzy before tonight." The werewolf nervously chuckled, "I guess that dog bite a few weeks back wasn't from a dog after all."

Alex shot up and yelled at Jamie, "Bite me! I don't want to be human anymore, please I can't take it!"

Jamie looked at their friend with fear. They had no desire to hurt them. They were like family, and you don't hurt family. But they were already hurting. Jamie knew that Alex was a member of the furry community, and considered themselves otherkin, someone not quite human. They whimpered a bit, tail shifting between their legs, ears flat against their skull. "I can't hurt you. You don't even know if it will work. I don't even know how I work."

Suddenly Jamie's stomach let out an obnoxiously loud growl, shattering the tension between the two. Alex snorted and offered a hand to the submissive werewolf. "I'm still upset with all this, but you just went though a big change, and your body is going to need food." They lead the big canine into the kitchen.

Alex led Jamie down the hallway to the kitchen, where an explosion of smells hit them. They covered up the end of their muzzle. Spices, herbs, and cleaning products, all hit with a potency they had not experienced before. Alex went into the fridge and pulled out a pair of steaks. "This was for rouladen tomorrow, but I think you need it now."

Jamie sniffed at the steaks. The metallic tang of meat and a little bit of rot hit their nose. It smelled wonderful. They thought it strange that they did not have the desire to just rip into the meat like a wild animal. The wolf reached into a cabinet and pulled out spices one by one, smelling each before deciding which to add to the steak.

"Um, Alex, do you think you could cook those up for me? I don't want my fur to catch fire on the burners," Jamie asked with ears splayed in embarrassment.

Alex fired up the burners, pulling out a cast iron pan to cook the steaks on. Jamie's ears perked up with a thought. "Alex, why haven't I tried to hurt you or anyone else? I thought werewolves were just mindless monsters."

"Well, you are still part human, and wolves are not mindless killing machines," Alex began. "I'd say that's more a human trait, though not one you have. Also we are good friends, almost like family. Family is everything for wolves. Oh and forget all that alpha and omega crap too. That doesn't happen with wild wolves." Alex lectured while cooking the meat. They pulled the steak off just as it got a nice sear, offering it on a plate to the waiting werewolf. "I think your hands are a little too big for a fork and knife, so maybe just tear in like a wolf?"

Jamie picked up a steak in their claws and took a bite out of it. The taste was heaven. The rareness of the meat, plus the spices and the sear made it the best piece of steak they had ever eaten, and this on a bad cut of meat! They finished the meal and licked at the sides of their muzzle. "So, now what? Expect this every month? I don't even want to think about the silver in my coin collection."

Alex smiled. "I'm not sure. But we'll figure it out, and when we do, you are so biting me!"

New Beginings


20 September 2020 at 00:12:22 MDT

For my current English class we were required to write up a thousand word piece of flash narrative. This is what I came up with. Though I'd share it will y'all.

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