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It's In The Mix! by NikkyVix

It's In The Mix!


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"Hey there. Good you're here."

Taross smiled at the family member walking in on hir in the kitchen area. "I could use another set of hands." The taur chortled a moment, waving hir free forepaw a moment while the other was in the process of passing a whisk upwards to hirself.

"Grab a couple of paper towels and bring them over for me, and then you can pre-heat the oven... mmm... setting five will do," shi continued with hir instructions before setting the pitcher in hir hand down and grabbing the whisk. "I'm going to be busied with this egg for a moment and it's the only one I got right now. It'll be stretching for a few cakes and all the cookies."

The paper towels were quickly put to good use on the floor. After all, while there's no crying over spilled milk, no good will come from slipping on spilled milk either. And even if shi has four feet, it doesn't mean shi cannot briefly lose hir footing and drop whatever shi is holding; be it batter, cake or a tray of hot cookies.

"Since you were so kind to help," Taross eventually finished, carefully cracking the huge over an almost equally large bowl, "You can help yourself to one of the finished batch." A hindpaw-hand gestured towards a cooling tray "Just one, though, and be careful the tray can still be hot."

The sound of vigorous whisking commenced quickly after "Don't tell the others though, I'll be overrun with offers to 'help' just for early access to treats."

Is it Taross's admirably committed Dutch approach to Thanksgiving dinner cooking? Or Vixmas? Or just generally fixing a nice meal on a whim for hir family? Does it truly matter? The mephit loves cooking and baking, and when the materials are available you'll most likely find hir in the kitchens at Safehold being assisted by the dingo helpstaff, whipping up hir personal best!

Simple Taursday stream comm for Taross, who's always bringing delightful (and tasty!) ideas to my table. :)

Taross Blackburn-Tawner & Story by <!~[name]> | name
Art by NikkyVix

"You gotta do the cooking by the book!"

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    Aside of all the mess, the extra grasping limbs have gotta come in handy when cooking