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The Family in Sketch by NikkyVix

The Family in Sketch


You can find my works at:
@NikkyVix on Twitter | NikkyVix on FurAffinity


Li'l inked portrait for Tazel of core siblings of our quaint little family. Ain't hard to get a bunch of folk to all smile or laugh at once. Just a good joke of a playful noise is about enough!

Left to Right:
Taross Blackburn-Tawner, by Taross Taross
Pathia Red-Tawner, by Pathia Pathia
Pikacha Twentyfive-Tawner, by Pikacha Pikacha
Doni Tawner, by DoniRoux DoniRoux
Tazel "Sixpaws" Tawner, by Tazel Tazel
Jonesy Tawner, by Jonesybunny Jonesybunny
Niko Tawner & Art by NikkyVix NikkyVix
Solan Tawner by her player