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Ain't Too Big To Boop by NikkyVix

Ain't Too Big To Boop


You can find my works at:
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"You're getting big enough to climb."
"And you've grown long enough t'wear."
"Does this mean we have mutual interests today, Niko?"
"Methinks so, soon's I can put my booper to it."

Here we bookend MacroMarch with a little stream doodle of a towering nightvixen on a stroll with hir longdragon noodle of a mate, Doni. Just because you're big doesn't mean one with flight can't still manage to boop snoots!

A sweet commission for Doni of our time enjoying a pretty spring day.

Doni Tawner, by DoniRoux DoniRoux | DoniRoux
Niko Tawner & Art by NikkyVix


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    strategic tail floof placement ftw. :)

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      grins What're the odds that photo would be taken at just that moment? ;3