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Trick Ott Treat! by NikkyVix

Trick Ott Treat!


"AAAAH! Your little girls, they are so CUTE!"
"Yes, I know!" Replied Doni semi-distractedly, hir thumbpad sliding over hir smartphone's screen.
The squealing ant-eater continued, "I know who yoouuuu arrre!" She beamed as she leaned in towards the diminutive black and orange otter who beamed with wide, large eyes up at her.

"Yup! Officer Nikky Otts, reporting for duty, ma'am!" A smart salute and click of heels accompanied the proud 'ma'am'. Another squeal from the portly lady pursued it.

"Here here!" Cried the matronly ant-eater, fishing into her aluminum mixing bowl used to hold bounty. The two little otters--for a tauric black and white otter in an elegant litle princess's dress stood by such police escort--huddled close, stocky arms holding their bags up and open to receive the heaping paw-fulls of candy. "You protect that[/i] darling[i] princess, won't you? It's really dark and windy tonight!"

"Yes ma'am! Thank you!"
"Dank je wel!"

The diminutive lutrines tottered off the creaking wood porch, their also-small cacomistle chaperone following alone after a polite smile and nod to the beaming ant-eater in her incense-smelling doorway. Once back on the sidewalk, shi piped up, "I'll never forgive you both for making me stroll so many hills."

"Oh pff. You're not out of shape, luv," the copper-costumed otter spoke up, shaking a plastic basket full of loot. "It's good air. And you're getting a cut of the profit!"

"You know this won't last if someone recognizes you. EITHER of you! You're bound to run into someone who at least is aware of your FurAffinity page. Taross especially just posted something super lewd earlier today. Your spots are very distinct!"

"I'm wearing a little princess dress," retorted the shortstack ott-taur. "Because I AM a little princess!" The grin Taross gave was all teeth as shi fished a webbed paw into hir basket.

"Besides," joined Niko, "Who's going to call us out? Shapeshifting's too rare. The most they'd go is--" And shi affected a sluggish voice, 'You look like...noooo, that vixen is too big, and hung, and full of tits and...aand not a little kid otter!' Hir voice returned to normal as shi otter-whistled with hir tongue between a poking pair of saberfangs. "We're fiiiine."

Doni's thumb swiped right to return to a previous screen on hir cellphone, watching hir mate and denmate in their devious scheme's outfits. "I saw her put some Reese's cups in there. Miss Donners knows what kids like, I'll give her that. Remember; I get a third, minimum, of your haul.

Niko rolled hir eyes. "We won't forget, luv. You gotta sell your chaperone disguise harder though."

Taross piped up, "Yeah. If you're watching the haul THAT close when it goes in, they'll know something's up."

A suck of air through teeth came from Doni, then shi slumped harder and stuck an earbud into hir ear to detatch visibly even further. " this?"

Niko's eyes sparkled over hir shoulder. "Noowww you look like the big sister we never had."

"I still hate hills."

"The best things in life take a climb to get!" Niko's costumed paw pointed up the dark street. "Now come on: That house there with the cottony spider-webs in the bushes and actual pumpkins? I bet they haven't been cleaned out yet..."

Niko and Taross have a plan this Halloween, and since many seem to confuse 'small' for 'young', why not take advantage of their ability to shapeshift to tiny otter figures to sell an image! The haul could be glorious! Just hope Doni doesn't lose interest too soon...

May those of you observing it have a fun and fine All Hollow's Eve!

Doni Tawner, by DoniRoux DoniRoux
Taross Blackburn-Tawner, by Taross Taross
Niko Tawner, Tale Art by NikkyVix

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