PWYW Sale, Grab Bags, and Freebies! by NightWolfRose

PWYW Sale, Grab Bags, and Freebies!


1 July 2016 at 21:30:46 MDT

I'm running a MASSIVE Pay What You Want sale! No reasonable offer refused! All items in the "Available Pieces" folder are eligible!

I need to get everything cleared out and get some money put away because things are probably going to get pretty tough here in the next few months.

Grab Bags are also open right now. I've received nothing but great feedback on these from the people who've bought them in the past, so I can pretty confidently say you'll be pleased if you decide to get one for yourself. ^_^

Grab Bags are PWYW starting at $25, including worldwide shipping, and you are guaranteed to receive AT LEAST twice your money's worth in each package.

As an extra incentive to my PWYW Sale- a raffle! For every $100 I raise, I will give out a prize! Everyone who buys something from this sale will get an entry- including those who made purchases before the raffle was announced- as well as anyone who refers someone who buys something.

Once we hit the first $100, I'll give away the first item, at $200 I'll give away a second and so on from there. The first giveaway will be for buyers and referrals only, but from the second onward I'll open it up to everyone.

Right now we are sitting at $35/$100 and this will continue until the sale ends August 1, 2016.

Again, everything in [url=]this folder[/url] is currently up for offers! The only guideline is that I ask you to not make ridiculously low offers like a dollar.

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    If this is still going on, I have a friend who I think would really like your pieces and happens to have a birthday coming up. Should I just make an offer over on FA?