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Daydream Believer Sketch by NightWolf714

Daydream Believer Sketch


19 July 2020 at 10:54:25 MDT

A while back I enter a custom adopt contest. You had to create a mood board and the winner got a custom adopt based off of it. I didn't win, but I loved the concept I came up with. So I made her myself. XD

I'm terrible at coming up with names, so I haven't figured out the perfect one for her yet. She's a writer, though. Unlike Chris, who I imagine writes novels and is already semi-established, this girl is younger and still trying to figure things out. I figure she's just out of college, writing for a website but wants to write poetry or something. But how do you turn that into a career? Eventually she'd meet Chris who'd kinda give her advice and mentor her a bit.

But while Chris is more mellow and laidback, she'd be young and full of ambition and the feels, lol. Young 20's versus older 20's, young 30's. (A lot changes in those 10 years, yo.)

So yeah, I hope you all love my baby girl as much as I do. She's gonna be a small pinkish snow leopard gecko girl in a great big world.

Side note, park benches are hard to draw. ;n; And curses in finally giving a character who will regularly wear glasses, the horror. (As in drawing them. I mean, I wear glasses, lol.)

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