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Don't you Hurt my Cinnamon Roll by NightWolf714

Don't you Hurt my Cinnamon Roll


I got around to coloring the sketch I made of my cute lil' lesbeans and oh boy, was that a fun challenge! Oh, let's do clothes! And a background! And have it at night.

Why do I try to kill myself artistically? XD

But it was such a fun experience (art masochist) and I think it turned out amazingly! Though I'm still a bit worried that it might be too dark. >_>;;;

Despite the name this scene actually takes place with Mimi (the cutie on the left in the sweater dress) first meeting Layla (the butch lioness on the right in her smexy suit). Mimi is getting harassed by a few dude bros and, unfortunately, isn't good at speaking up for herself or anything. She's often a target for bullying and such because she's mostly attractive but also has such weird birth marks and mostly just tries to hide. But Layla isn't about that and tells the dude bros to F**k off. Mimi is shocked and immediately falls for her knight in shiny leather. Thus, the start of a bumpy but wonderful romance. Once Mimi is able to learn the girl's name and all, of course.

I've got a few scenes like this one figured out in my head, though most of the story is a bit of a work in progress though. Maybe I'll flesh it out more and write it out sometime. :)

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