Show Your Pride by NightWolf714

Show Your Pride


2 July 2019 at 22:16:43 MDT

Here's my entry for the Show Your Pride contest FA is doing.

I haven't really done a pride picture before. And I wanted to take this as a good opportunity to challenge myself and push my art. I'm really happy with the results, too! This is probably the best picture I've done in a long time! :D

Most obvious is my fursona, resting peacefully in the early morning light of a bright new day. (Lol, like my night-shifter butt would enjoy that, but it's pretty!) The body pillow has the required hashtag in the queer rainbow we all love. Her pillows are the pansexual flag and the polyarmory flag for my two queer identities. I had to have my two kitties there as well. And then each of the plushies are part of my chosen family; my husband (the kitsune) and my boyfriend (the dragon), my metamour (aka, boyfriend's other girlfriend) who's become a sister to me over the years (the fairy cat), and then a good friend we've all adopted into our group (the wolf). Because I'm always at peace when I'm with my family. <3

The room is semi-based on my actual room. Same walls and floor, but different bed. I have a starry blanket, but not quite the same as this one. Stars are my happy things so I had to include them. I also actually have that "I <3 Love" shirt, though it's a regular t-shirt and not a night shirt. It's one of my favorites. <3

Anyways, I'm really happy of this image. I'm tempted to print it out and hang it, actually.

Wish me luck for the contest! :D


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