Altamaha-Ha Plushie by NightWolf714

Altamaha-Ha Plushie


22 April 2016 at 09:04:52 MDT

Meet the Altamaha-Ha, or Altie for short. This is the mythical creature of my hometown. Of course I had to have a little baby Altie of my own after visiting down there. :)

This was actually part of a personal challenge. I had brainstormed the pattern for a while. But yesterday I went from sketch to finished product in one day, probably the fastest I've ever done a full plushie like this. I just hope people don't expect me to always crank them out this fast, haha. While the pattern did have some complications I had to work around, overall I'm super proud of it. I totally kept the pattern in case I want to revisit.

And if curious, the dark green and light green are from old towels we were going to toss out. Yay for upcycling. XD

If curious about how big he is, he's about 16 inches long from tip of nose to tail tip and stands about 5 inches tall. About the perfect size for cuddling in the nook of my arm. <3

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