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[Adopt]Adoptable Batch (4/4 OPEN) by Nightsabra

[Adopt]Adoptable Batch (4/4 OPEN)


26 April 2020 at 10:55:55 MDT

Hi everyone! I created these guys and now they're looking for homes! They do include a NOT CLOTHED (SFW) version!!


  • Price: 30 USD/ea
  • Personalities/gender/written info is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE - IT CAN BE CHANGED!
  • You receive hi res files of both the clothed and unclothed versions! Nude (SFW) versions:

I am offering discounted reference sheets for them using the prices below. ^^ Ask for a quote, if you'd like!

Add a fullbody back view: +15 USD
Add a small back view: +8 USD
Add side view: +15 USD

Clothing: +5 USD/ea
Headshots: +10 USD/ea
Detail Shots: +2 USD/ea

NSFW Version: +5 USD

Bird: OPEN
Tiger: OPEN
Bear: OPEN
Parasaur: OPEN