[G]Cool Girl by Nightsabra

[G]Cool Girl


3 March 2020 at 19:10:25 MST

Strobes has been an inspiration to me ever since I set foot in the furry fandom. I am so happy they are exploring their expression and I wanted to gift them this YCH I had going! Who has been your biggest inspiration within the fandom? Leave a comment below. <3

Watch the piece come together via timelapse here: https://youtu.be/iS1q6KFWRkc

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    Oooh difficult to say who inspires me a lot but I defiently like Shortcake0 a lot!

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      I've not heard of this fur before! What do they do? How do they inspire you? :D

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        They do a lot of cool sketches and I really love their art style! :>

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          Oh that's awesome! I'll have to look 'em up!