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Pay What You Want Patreon! by Nightsabra

Pay What You Want Patreon!


Hi everyone! Just wanted to post a little update as to why I haven't posted the past few days; the general public has caught up to my February Patreon queue, so no art can be shared until March 1st! If you want to keep seeing my art as it's completed, you can subscribe to my Patreon for however much you'd like right here:

Here are the basic rewards (there are more for $50+)
Early access to all finished images
First look at timelapses
Early access to all WIPs
Exclusive access to PSD files
Almost daily progress updates

10% discount on one commission per month
Free access to all linearts/bases
First dibs on YCHs/adopts
Monthly merchandise (once $50 goal is met)

Critiques/redlines of art
Telegram/Discord community access