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OOAK Art Doll - Orizen the Wolf Warrior by nightmute

OOAK Art Doll - Orizen the Wolf Warrior


26 October 2015 at 13:21:55 MDT

Orizen is a very accomplished warrior of her pack. She takes her battling duties very seriously, and carries around many items and talismans for luck and protection. Orizen can cast a few minor spells, but she is more suited to melee brawls... She typically feels very exhilarated and alive when it comes to battle, hence her smirk. Despite the fact she enjoys the thrill of the fight, she doesn't fight unless she needs to. Someday... she wants to get married to a fellow top warrior. :)

Orizen was sculpted with Super Sculpey and Premo Sculpey, which was then baked and painted with white acrylic paint. This was also the first time I painted faux fur with acrylic paint, and it was actually really nice--the faux fur holds the paint very well. Her body was created from several types of twisted steel wire armature that was wrapped in yarn (giving her muscle groups), and I created a pattern for her faux fur and hand-stitched it, then trimmed it all down. Her eyes have a follow me effect and are glass, and her dreads are made of a roving-sort of yarn. She has clear gloss polyurethane on her nose, eyes, paw pads, claws and mouth.

She stands decently on her own, or you can prop her up. I think she stands about 11" tall.

Ori isn't for sale yet until I get my internet situation figured out... but if you're interested, you can drop me a note!

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture


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    I love her, dang!! I love the mix of materials you used here.

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      Why thank you! She was a lotta fun!