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My Digimon-sona [Different forms] by NightDragon07

My Digimon-sona [Different forms]


See all the information about my Digimon-sona on toyhouse:

  • Remark #1 : The Sangloupmon form has been reinstated to my digimon sona. By the way, I don't know why I remove it since Sangloupmon is one of my favorite digimon (it was probably a mistake from me).
  • Remark #2: I remake the Dark-Digivolution of my sona, by adding a new Digimon form, Lamortmon. But this is not the classical Lamortmon, more infos about it on my toyhouse account.

Color pencil drawing (on A3 paper)

~ Art (C) Carol (NightDragon07)
~ Digimon (C) Bandai / Toei