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Distant love ... [version 2] by NightDragon07

Distant love ... [version 2]


This drawing is special, because it can be seen from two different angles. And it contains OcXCanon ship, deal with it. xD

In this version, you can see the Stardroid Terra who is somewhere in space. He's watching in direction of Earth, thinking very strongly about Rime (who he loves), and is wondering if from where she is, she also thinks of him.

Color pencil drawing (on A3 paper)

Art & Rime (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
Terra the Stardroid (C) Capcom


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    And this is as amazing as another version^-^
    Hehe - you did depict the Earth flat? Just I noticed how you drew ice around the Earth, like in theory about "round flat Earth"XD Or this is just a clouds?
    Sorry if that:\

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      Thank you. ^_^
      Oh no, I'm not in flat Earth theory. xD In reality, I tried to symbolize the ozone layer, so these are supposed to be clouds. I know, clouds are really hard to draw for me. ^^;