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Distant love ... [version 1] by NightDragon07

Distant love ... [version 1]


This drawing is special, because it can be seen from two different angles. And it contains OcXCanon ship, deal with it. xD

In this version, you can see my oc Rime swimming in the abyssal depths, and looking into the distance to the surface. She's thinking about Terra (that she loves), and she wonders if he too has a thought for her, wherever he is in space.

Color pencil drawing (on A3 paper)

Art & Rime (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
Terra the Stardroid (C) Capcom


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    AWWW! It' so AMAZING0.0 I love this so much<3<3<3 This is really a masterpiece))
    Very soulful and attractive - I love drawings like that:3 Such drawings have a soul and too much emotions)

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      Aww, thank you very much for your nice comment my friend. ^_^ I'm happy to hear you feel the emotions I try to convey by this drawing. <3