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[Collab] Fishing time ... by NightDragon07

[Collab] Fishing time ...


This is a collab between my friend Wanbey on deviantart and me. The idea of this drawing is from Wanbey, it's them who did the sketch and the lineart, and I did the coloring, shading, and the finalizations (like the water splash in the foreground).

The drawing features our two Dinosaurs-Oc Alvis the Carnotaurus and Albert the Velociraptor. The two friends are fishing for the dinner. ^^

Digital work (collab)

Alvis the Carnotaurus, Sketch & Lineart (C) Wanbey
Albert the Velociraptor, coloring & shading (C) Blackdragon07

The tutorials that are advised to me and who helped me :