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Best Feeling In The World by Nicnak044

Best Feeling In The World


Ahhhhhh, so as most of you know from my journal, last week ended pretty brutally for me.
But then there's this guy (whose had a ton of things going on in his life at the moment, which brings up all sorts of emotions, I'm sure) that's been basically spending this whole week by my side, making sure I'm ok and just spending a shit ton of time with me.

And all I can say is that I'm really lucky, blessed and grateful to have this person willingly share their time with me. <3

It's an emotional week for me, but being with this person..I don't know how to explain it.
The feelings better than drinking a warm cup of tea.
Or wrapping yourself up in a blanket when you're cold.

It's like..all those good little things combined.
And its a really really good feeling that just seems to take away any negative emotion I have.
The best feeling in the world u_u <3

Dammit, I started tearing up there xD

This is so cheesy, I know..but I feel like anything I do isn't enough, and still isn't after this.
I'm just.....really really happy.
So this is a quick..I dunno, 'thank you' doodle, for now, until I can properly give back when/if there ever happens to be a situation where my company is needed u_u

Looking forward to how the rest of the week goes <3333

**Also trying out a new 'Animator' Photoshop brush I bought..I really REALLY like it <3

Artwork & Nicole©Me, nicnak044
Dashwood© foxjump;3; <3
Inspired by jonas's piece:
Really wanted to try out that technique they used; it was fun!! :D

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