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#CanadianThings by Nicnak044



For one, I'm posting this kinda early, cause why not? (And I'm too excited. And I'm also worried I'll forget to post it this week as I'll be boarding my film starting tomorrow. Who knows how many days that'll take me to do :'D But tbh I'd probably remember, but I don't want to take that risk. I could be blessed with a sudden load of work, I really don't know xD)

BUT I HAVE ANOTHER FOR THE DAY OF, SO NOT TO WORRY. Cause I couldn't decide on what to draw..but really I had planned on drawing this earlier, but decided hey..lets make it a bday pic cause yeah. I'll stop rambling..

It's someone (I really REALLY care about)'s birthday this week... u_u <3

Chose to dedicate a drawing to something we do often together..and that's pig out on some good ol' pulled pork poutine!!
See...we're a good match. Like..pretty damn good, actually. There's a lot of reasons as to why, but one big one being cause I've always had the problem of never getting much of the cheese curds in poutine. Either they dont put enough cheese on, or everyone I typically share poutine with literally ALWAYS fights me for it. But that's not the case with us!! I get all the cheese without a hassle, aw yeah! Cause he's actually not a big fan of cheese, so it works perfectly!!
(I just have to fight for the meat now xD Naah, I'm actually not a big eater at all, so it's never actually come to we usually get extra pork anyway c: ) Of course if he did like cheese as much as I do, I would be more than happy to share them with him u_u (BUT NO ONE ELSE >8C) Yeah..its just a bonus seeing how well that works out with poutine :'D I find it hilarious, actually.

But anyway! Enough rambling, and being selfish with cheese.
Here's our characters chowing down on some good ol' Canadian food! Probably in a park somewhere..likely Hamilton. I didn't want this to have a plain solid background, so a late summer scenery works just fine! (Hey Brad, let's go eat poutine in a park..we haven't done that yet u_u )

Anywho! Happy (really early) birthday, Cool Fox <3 I'm really looking forward to spending lots and lots of time with you this week, but that's pretty obvious c: <3

Artwork & Nicole©Me, nicnak044

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    I love the way you do expressions so much <333