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Fridge Upgrade by Nickel-Cat_Engine

Fridge Upgrade


This is my kobold character Elias! By day he invents clockwork computers, by night he uses his superpowers to fight crime. He learned to fly recently, so he doesn't need that ladder anymore. The party has also acquired a new invention - the fridge! Elias has decided it needs an upgrade, considering the looming threat of a local dairy-obsessed fiend.

In case the text is hard to read, the fridge notes say:

The bottom shelf is mine! - Elias

DON'T TOUCH MY JARS!!! I'm not helping you if you swallow fire jackal saliva! - Y

Secret Reminder! Guys, it's Ottie's birthday this week, we need some noisemakers and lots of firecrackers for the surprise party, but don't buy any cake or snacks until the actual day, or else he'll sniff them out!

And the cereal reads:

A delicious sugar-based O-shaped complete breakfast cereal!
100% sugar!

There's a few in-jokes here for the party, so it might seem a little nonsensical. <3