Pilot Icon #2 by Domeikuni by NicholaiGaul

Pilot Icon #2 by Domeikuni


25 November 2015 at 21:06:17 MST

So, I just got some fantastic news earlier today of one of my dreams finally becoming reality, and I have shared the news with my friend :Domeikuni of what's been going on, and she decided to make me a new icon to reward me.

Thank you so much, Domei for the new icon, and keep on practicing your art! Your artwork is improving a lot, and I seriously do love it!

I will be making a small vlog in the near future of what the news is probably this weekend, and yes, I'll be sure to do it in suit since I know lots of you all love seeing the blue cabbit :P, BUT, for now I guess this is a small teaser on what the news is.

The blue cabbit, Nicholai Gaul belongs to me.

As far as I'm certain, she does not have a Weasyl, however, you can find her on both Fur Affinity and DeviantArt, which I will leave the links down below.
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/domeikuni
dA: http://domeikuni.deviantart.com/

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