Nhala in the Blind Forest :D by Nhala

Nhala in the Blind Forest :D


21 May 2015 at 10:54:43 MDT

Awwww, today I got something especially adorable for you :D
Nothing naughty, but cuteness overload! :D

Ori And The Blind Forest is an incredibly nice and atmospheric game.
You should grab it on steam! Also, the sound is amazing <3
Since Grim draws the most cute stuff, we teamed up once more to have him put little fluffball Nhala into Ori's world, especially since Ori looks so much like Nhala in the first place :D

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do :)

Art is © by TheFuckingDevil.
Nhala is mine.
Ori belongs to Moon Studios GmbH.


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    OMGOMG! This is full of all sorts of adorableness. Ori is cute and so is Nhala- Surprised Ori really hasn't taken off more than it has.

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    I'm playing this right now, actually.

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    Only PG because it's a one-framer. The second frame is the x-rated. This is just the setup :>