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Big tricks and little treats (Adam's first Halloween) by nh63879

Big tricks and little treats (Adam's first Halloween)


16 October 2018 at 09:26:53 MDT

For those who don't know or remember, last September I made a poll asking what would be a good idea for a macro babyfur pic of my baby collie Adam. And here is the result of the poll and the pic you all voted to see. An adorable pic of big Danny and big Adam going off trick or treating on Halloween. This amazing pic was done for me by the talented TailBiter, which despite the delay has been worth the wait from someone I've admired for years and wanted a pic from for a long time.

With it being that time of the year, Danny was more than excited to go out into the nearest town and give everyone a bigger scare than the ghosts and ghoulies whilst getting just as much candy as everyone else. It was different this time for him, as he had a big baby collie with him that had no idea what Halloween was.

As Danny took Adam for a short walk towards the nearby town, he knelled down to him and looked at him with a cheerful look on his face. "Hey big guy." Danny whispered to Adam softly with a calm look on his face. "Why don't we go trick or treating down there and give the little furries a little scare!" Adam heard Danny clearly, but looked at him with a bewildered look on his face. "Ick or reating?" Mumbled Adam with a cautious look on his face, and tail between his legs. "Yeah!" Cheered Danny with a soft voice. "We go to the the little furries houses, all dressed up and say trick or treat. And they give us lots and lots of candy!" Adam grew a wide smile on his face as he heard Danny mention the words little furries and candy. "You want to?" Asked Danny with a reassuring look on his face. Adam smile and nodded his head, before taking Danny's hand and leading him towards the town.

As they both got closer to the town, they shrunk down to a smaller size. As they walked towards a costume store, Adam held tight to Danny with his tail between his legs. Danny took him into the costume store and walked around with him, finally stopping to see a cowboy costume for him and Adam.

After dressing up as cowboys, they both headed back out of the town and grew bigger again. Adam was still nervous and uneasy, after seeing a few furries in costumes whilst he and Danny left the town. Danny could see Adam was nervous and took to putting his cowboy costume on, putting a diaper on over his underwear in order to comfort and reassure Adam. After putting a diaper on himself and on Adam, they both slowly started walking back into the town dressed as cowboys.

As they slowly walked through the town, their presence was seen and felt by those around them who naturally ran in fear of them. After walking through the streets for a few minutes, they stood in front of a house. Danny tapped the front of the house, before kneeling down to Adam and looking at the small door below them. "Now when the little furry comes out, you say trick or treat." Whispered Danny with a calm look on his face. A furry stood at the door and looked up at the two giants, with a bowl of candy shaking in their hands. "Trick or treat?" Asked Danny with a shy look on his face. "ICK OR REAT!" Said Adam in a burbled voice and a shy look on his face. The furry raised the bowl up as high as they could, staring fearfully at Danny. Danny reached down and took the bowl, putting the candy into his diaper. "Say thank you Adam." He said in soft voice, smiling at the furry beneath him and Adam. "ank oo Adam." Mumbled Adam with a happy look on his face. They both turned away and headed to the house next door, leaving the furry watching on with a surprised look.

As many in the town started running from them, Adam continued looking up at Danny with an excited look on his face whilst Danny glanced down at him smiling slowly walking along with him.

By the time the night started to come, Danny and Adam were far from the town and were sitting on the open ground. Danny sat and watched Adam putting handfuls of tiny candy into his mouth, giggling at how Adam ate the candy without taking the wrappers off! "You have a good time?" Asked Danny, chewing some cars and larger items he took. Adam nodded his head before taking more candy. "If that's what he thinks of Halloween, wonder what he's gonna think of thanksgiving or Christmas!" Danny thought to himself with a cheerful smile on his face.

So there you have it! Another wonderful pic and story of Adam's first Halloween. And like Danny said, what will Adam think of thanksgiving, or even Christmas! Well one will have to find out what will happen to them when Christmas comes around. I think they'll come in handy when it comes to getting a big tree up!

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