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Out of the Shadows Book Cover by nh63879

Out of the Shadows Book Cover


11 May 2018 at 10:45:56 MDT

So here's what my new story book will look like in regards to a cover! I mainly used the ref sheets for Danny and Shadow here but in a line format with some detailed buildings in front of them for the front here. The back is just what you can see is a mix of destroyed buildings. I have to admit from an illustrators point of view this has got to be the most hardest thing I've done to date. Doing city skylines is something easy but doing destroyed buildings was a challenge indeed. This book is surely a lot more different than my first book on two fronts. Unlike my first book that consisted of three short stories with all three main macro chars of mine this one is just one long story with Danny my husky and Shadow my wolf being the main characters and my fellow macro friends Kenta_Nakamura and Jarvis_Greatwolf being featured halfway in the book. The other thing which is a big difference of course is the content rating for this book. My first book was a general rated book whereas this is more of an adult themed book. There is the stuff you'd expect in a macro story in this in regards to rampaging, size differences and a lot of naughty stuff too.

The story is almost finished and will need formatting in regards to chapters, size and the like. After that I will be looking at getting it put up for publishing. Hopefully it will be published. Of course if it don't go that way then it will be self published like my first book. As soon as the story is finished I will be sending out PDF copies to a selected few for review. Will you be one who gets to read it before anyone else? Will you be interested in reading it once it's out there? Well if you like macros, micros, sex and the like then I'm sure you'll be wanting to get a copy and enjoy reading it as much as I have had writing it.

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    Looks good

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      Thanks. The story itself is just a hot and great as the cover. This has got to be the hardest thing I've drawn to date! :-)