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Double the trouble by nh63879

Double the trouble


23 February 2018 at 06:22:54 MST

Well here iit is! My latest pic of Shadow done by Croiyan who has you can see here has found a new big friend, that many of you know as Banryu . And it looks as if he's found this other big wolf to be just as big and bad as he is!

So anyway after Shadow made it across the lake, as in my previous pic of him, he was rather dissapointed to see there wasn't another town or city there for him to go on a rampage through. Determined to find somewhere to play in and lots of micros and other stuff to play with he calmly went in search of a city. After a few hours of going around the open, crushing a few houses and small vilages he soon noticed something ahead of him. He could see within the distance this was another giant, but didn't know who they were. As he got closer to the other giant he could see that it was another giant wolf wearing tight red speedos like his, slowly stomping on some houses in a small town whilst sending other buildings and smaller vehicles flying into the air. The other giant wolf was Banryu, a good friend of Danny the giant husky in undies.

As Banryu stomped around on the town crushing everything beneath him and showing off his mighty size to those fleeing, he noticed many of them had stopped and were running in all directions, as another giant wolf slowly came walking towards them. Banryu looked up and to the right to see the other giant wolf slowly walking towards him with a wolfish look on its face, feeling and looking interguided by what he was seeing. Shadow stopped close to the giant wolf and looked at him with a devious expression and tail up high before looking down at the destroyed town beneath him and Banryu.

"Wow!" Grinned Shadow with a devious expression and mischevious voice. "You sure look like you know to have some destructive fun arlight." Banryu felt touched by what Shadow said and showed a flattered look. "You looking to have some fun?" Hinted Banryu with a wolfish look and seductive voice. "Well I have just crushed a couple of boats and yauchts in a lake." Remarked Shadow with a straigh face and cool voice. "But I'm all for going to a city and having some fun on a rampage!" Banryu feel excited that Shadow was just as eager as him to go on a rampage in a city, showing off their big and majestic bodies to those in the city. With that they both stomped over the remains of the town and headed down towards a nearby city.

As they got to the city they let out a deep and booming howl, shattering windows around a ten mile radius. Making everyone in the city stop and cover there ears as the loud howl echoed around them. Within a matter of seconds some looked up to see two giant wolves slowly stomping into the middle of the city and naturally begun to run in fear and panic. Shadow and Banryu slowly started stomping into the city watching the tiny furries running from them in all directions, whilst smashing buildings as well as crushing everything below them. Banryu stopped to watch Shadow thrusting his body into buildings and smashing everything in his wake with excitement seeing how destructive he was. "Well you sure know how to rampage!" Praised Banryu with an ecstatic look and thunderous voice. "Now let me show you how Banryu likes to do things." Shadow stood there with a mischevious look with one hand on his hip and the other holding his hardend bulge, feeling rahter aroused by how big and strong body of Banryu and the tightness of his big red speedos. Slowly Banryu begun to smash and crush everything around him in a destructive rampage. Afterwards they both continued to rampage through the rest of the city until it was totally destroyed.

"Wow Banryu!" Cheered Shadow with a relaxed expression and refined voice. "You sure are great with rampaging! And you're so hot looking in those tight speedos of yours!" Banryu felt aroused by Shadows suggestive comment and looked back at him with a seductive look on his face. "You look even better in those blue ones of yours!" Teased Banryu with an aluring look and sexually sugestive voice. "Say do you know why I'm called Shadow?" Asked Shadow with a wolfish expression a soft voice. Banryu shook his head not knowing what Shadow meant by his name.

Slowly Shadow started to shrink until he was under 10ft tall, staring up at Banryu looming over him. "I take you're called Shadow because you can go on a rampage and then not be found." Mocked Banryu, looming over Shadow. WIth a devious look he bent down and picked up Shadow in the tips of his finger and pulled the front of his speedos where, with a throbbin dick, dropped Shadow into them. Shadow landed on Banryu's giant dick and held on tightly caressing it as Banry headed off, carying Shadow tightly in his speedos and pressed up tight against his hardened dick.

So there you have it! And as you can see two big bad wolves are better than one! Again this is just another wonderful pic I got for me and my big macro wolf friend Banryu. It's always great to have a big macro pic with him and even more fun to have him as a macro and Danny or Shadow as a micro! Who knows what Banryu will get up to with Shadow or Danny next time? And what will Shadow get up to next? Keep watching and find out.

Art© Croiyan

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    damn, dat thicc dicc

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      I know right! Just the best thing about this pic.

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        (OwO) please, give me

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          That's the one thing my wolf will be willing to give is some action in a fun way.

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    mmmmm bulge

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      So irresistable. Can't stop admiring it myself.