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Big boys by nh63879

Big boys


12 January 2018 at 10:22:13 MST

So after some delay I'm back with my mac! And back with a new pic here done for my by the wonderful rileykit of my big guys Danny and Max who are both really big kids here.

Having formally met and become the best of friends at daycare both Danny and Max know that they have the abilty to alter in size to be as big and as small as each other. As the months had passed and the seasons changed both Danny and Max were doing exceptionally well at daycare and had kept out of 'big' trouble. Having done so well to avoid growing and shrinking their parents decided they both deserved something extra special. Knowing that the boys were still as eager as anything to grow big and small again, both Danny and Max's parents wondered what they could do to reward them and possibly let their 'big' desires at hand. So what could be better than a camping trip. Both Danny and Max's parents agreed that it would be perfect for them, and that if they did decide to grow big they would be as far away from anything or anyone.

So on a clear sunny morning Danny woke up to find himself in his car seat not knowing what was going on or where he and his parents were going. "Were are we going daddy?" Asked Danny with a confused look on his face. "It's a surprise Danny boy." Said Mr. Kapowsky cheerfully. Close to a large forest was a small dirt path with a car driving down it past the forest, which was Max and his parents. His parents stopped past the woods of the forest and took Max out of his car seat. Max stood there by the car looking around with a puzzled look wondering what he and his parents were doing near a forest and in a large open field. Just as his dad was taking a large tent off the roof of the car they heard the horn of a car and saw one pulling up to the side of them. Danny's parents got out the car and took him out of his car seat then lead him to the other side where Max and his parents were. "Surprise!" Shouted Danny and Max's parents as the boys rushed and hugged each other with their tails wagging fast. "We thought since you've both been doing so well at daycare and not being big we all decided to take you both out here for a big camping trip!" Said Mrs. Bosworth cheerfully looking down at Danny and Max. "BIG?" Said Danny with an ecstatic look on his face. "CAMPING TRIP?" Said Max with a blissful look on his face. Their parents nodded and then began to get the camping stuff set up. With their dad's cheefully setting up the tents the boys playfully ran and messed around whilst their moms unpacked everything else. As the day turned to night they all sat around a small campfire, eating and drinking, until both Danny and Max begun to fall asleep.

The following morning Danny woke up, wearing just his paw patrol brief underwear and matching vest, and walked out of his parents tent. Shortly afterwards Max woke up, wearing paw patrol brief underwear and matching vest as well, where he too stepped out of his parents tent. The boys stretched and yawned as they greeted each other waking up. "So what do you wanna do?" Asked Danny with a glazed look on his face, yawning as he spoke. "I don't know." Said Max with slack-jawed expression on his face, rubbing the back of his ear. As they both begun to wake up fully they looked around and towards the tall trees near them. "Do trees look like grass if you're a giant?" Asked Danny with vacant look on his face. "I think so." Said Max looking towards the trees and the forest with a bewildered look on his face. "Only way to find out is if we were really big like giants." Danny looked at Max with a worried look on his face and his tail between his legs not sure whether he should grow into a giant after so long of not being one. Glancing at Max and then the forest and then down at his feet he decided that he would grow big. "Would you grow with me?" Asked Danny, looking at Max, with a pleading look on his face. "Sure!" Said Max, looking at Danny, with an entranced look on his face and tail wagging. Holding each others hands they both slowly begun to grow until they were just over 100ft tall. Having grown to over 100ft tall they looked down at the ground to see their tents looking like tiny squares and a little dot of the campfire below their giant feet. Slowly Danny turned towards the forest and began to gently stomp towards it with Max following him slowly. Yet as they began to slowly make their way towards the forest, their parents heard their giant footsepts and felt the ground beneath them shaking!

Their parents headed straight out of the tents and looked up to see the giant boys slowly walking towards the forest. Normally they would follow them and try and get them to go back to normal size but since they were out in the open and away from anyone they decided to let them have their fun and do what they wanted to do. Danny's dad headed back into the tent and came back out with a camera where he started to take pictures of the giant boys enjoying themselves. Taking a pic of them both bending over and their tails up high showing the back of their underwear!

After looking around to see and feel the trees, the boys turned around and slowly made their way back towards the camp. As they got towards it they looked to see their parents below looking up at them. Not knowing what they were thinking the boys looked down with frightened looks on their faces and their tails between their legs. Their moms waved up to them gesturing them to bend down and look close at them. They bent over and looked at their parents who smiled at them. Seeing they were not upset with them they boys smiled and lowered their heads closer towards them. "You boys play nice and don't go too far." Said Mrs. Kapowsky with a relaxed look on her face. With that the boys began to walk around and explore with their parents close behind them.

After a full day of playing and being giants the boys were just about ready to sleep and shrink. Before they did Danny picked up his dad and placed him ontop of a large tree where his dad got ready to take a big picture of them. The boys moved as far back as they could and stood by each others side smiling as Danny's dad took a picture of them. With Max's dad doing the same, but from below them and then around them. Afterwards Danny took his dad and dropped him down his vest and down into his underwear! Danny's dad squirmed and played around tickling Danny before sliding down his leg and safely to the ground. Max noticed Danny take his dad and put him in his underwear and decided to do the same with his dad. Afterwards the boys laid down on the ground, with their parents resting ontop of them, and fell asleep. As they slept they began to shrink back to normal size and found themselves inside the tents the following morning. After a light breakfast the families packed their stuff and made their way back home again. With Danny and Max having something really big to say and show at daycare the next day!

So there you are! It's quite a bit of a story here but that's what I love to have when I get such a wonderful pic like this of my big boys. Again this is such and incredible pic done by rileykit who's one of many babyfur artists that I just love getting pics from and seeing pics by. There is more pics to come of course this year and over the month so be sure to keep an eye out. Oh and don't forget to fave the original pic here:

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