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Stepping out by nh63879

Stepping out


6 December 2017 at 11:10:36 MST

Well I did tell you all that my newest macro was a big bad wolf and here's proof of just that. And by the looks of things here Shadow appears to have a bit of a dilemma on his hands, after seeing so many tiny furries running below him. Stomp? Crush or eat? What a tough choice for any macro to make. This is a truly amazing pic I managed to get done for me by Trooper036 who is open for commission and I'd strongly recommend taking a look for yourself and getting one from him.

Having managed to resist the illustrious temptation of his new macro friend, Danny, Shadow returned to a normal size and casually go about towards a nearby city. Having slowly wondered through a sea of smog and gritty surroundings he found himself in the heart of the city. All around were furries going about as normal. Working, walking and sitting in traffic. Shadow was eager to see more of the city than the tall buildings reaching up into the sky and the crowded streets. Stopping in front of a store window he glared at himself briefly and started to show a devious look on his face with devilish thoughts pumping through his body. Hastily he pushed his way through the crowds on the sidewalks briskly down into a side alley.

Taking in a deep breath he slowly began to grow larger. As he started to grow over 100ft tall he stomped hardly on the ground and let out a loud, almost deafening, howl before slowly smashing the buildings beside him and stomping in the streets below him. As the buildings fell and he appeared out from the vast plumes of dust, those down below and around began to panic and run in all directions with a giant 350ft wolf slowly stomping through the streets. Many furries were left screaming, slipping and falling as Shadows giant paws slammed down onto the ground with a might boom and heavy shake of the ground. Taking a quick look down he noticed crowds of furries running from him past streets of deserted traffic. With a devious smile he stomped down with one foot and swung his other through the streets, sending cars flying in all directions, whilst at the same time slowly smashing his arms around along with his tail into buildings.

After rampaging through the city for over two hours, Shadow began to feel his erotic urges getting the better of him. Having remembered spending the night with a giant husky in tight red brief underwear he stopped his destructive rampage and began to walk out of the city in search of his new husky friend. Although he didn't have to search far and wide or for long as the giant husky was already near the city and had been watching Shadow as he slowly rampaged through the city. Shadow walked up to Danny and began to shrink back down in size again to a normal size. Danny watched him shrink and awaited for him to be small enough. With one hand on his the waistband of his underwear pulling the forwards he picked up Shadow in his other hand and put him inside his underwear before calmly walking off, with Shadow calmly resting his head on the thick fur of Danny's waist with a relaxed smile.

So there you have it. My first full macro pic of my new macro wolf Shadow doing what he loves to do best, although there are other things too but that's another story for another day. This is a wonderful

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