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I am an artist that loves to create by drawing, animation, music and programming. I find creating to be a big part of my life.:D

I might not have been in art school or anything. I like to learn by myself and have it as a fun hobby. Same goes for music and other stuff i am doing. It is my way of enjoying life a bit more.C:

If you are interested in commissioning me then i have the price list right here:

questions or interested in commissioning me, just contact me via note or Telegram right here:

So thanks for stopping by!:D

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Hello everyone!
It's been a while since last journal. Last journal was 2 years ago.XD

Other news...
I have been working a lot and well playing a lot minecraft with my brother. Also been watching some anime and other cartoons on the net.XP

I saw the last episode of gravity falls and i tell you without spoilers that it was just amazing and a perfect end to a awesome series. What a ride it has been.:D I really enjoyed it and now that the series ended i feel somewhat empty. Because one series ended which means one less to look forward too.:C
But i am glad that the finale was awesome!

So that is that.
I am currently still drawing and most of it is Undertale fanart. But there might something more that will slip through when ever i feel like it.

Also am i suprised to see how well recieved my undertale fan art is and it makes me really happy. I manage to hit a new record in notes on my tumblr on the Toriel rapid fire animation.:D I wan't thank you people who watch me both new and old watchers for the support.:)
You fill me with determination to keep drawing and be better!:D

So thank you.

That is all i have for you. I hope you will continue to enjoy my work in the future.:)

Have it nice everyone.;P

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    btw your art is really cool :3 keep up the good work! ^-^

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      Thank you very much!:D
      I will do my best!:)

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        anytime! ^w^

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    What the HECK!! Why are you so good at drawing!? I really like your art it's very cute and cartoony! You have a new follower!

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      Oh shiet, please dont hurt me! I just do stuff and stuff forms!D:>

      Thank you very much for the follow and i am really glad that you enjoy my stuff.:D
      I hope you will enjoy my future stuff too.C:

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    Thanks so much for following me :D

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      you're very weclome. I really love your style and art.:D Can't wait to see more from you.:)

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